Stay in School or Stay Out and Study

There has been many  questions to foreigners who wishes to study in Cebu to either stay in a school or rent a house and hire a private tutor. For me, both has its own advantages and disadvantages. Also, timing must also be considered as well. If you are fresh student in Cebu, I do suggest to enroll in real English academy. Why? It is simply because the school can help you a lot.

Studying in a school helps you in many ways. First, your processes of papers such as SSP (Student Study Permit). Second, schools have organized structure for learning. They have Placement Test which assess your English Proficiency. This is important because you need to know which point of learning you are going to start working on. If you do this on your own without proper test, you might not fully sort out what you need to study and what you do not need to study. It could be a waste of time on your part. Third, safety and convenience. If you study in a school, you are safe because the administrator has surely look into that already. Unlike renting your own, you need to personally check how safe the place is. School and dormitories have security guards and other peace and order personnel. If,you also get sick, the school also has their own contact of doctors. Unlike when you stay alone, you need to go to hospital and ask for recommendation. In addition to all of this, studying in an English school can give you instant peer support. You automatically will have classmates, room mates and teachers. Your interaction with them is essential to keep you going. Social relationships does encourage you to study more. You can join group classes, school tours and other activities. All of these are absent if you decide to rent a house and student alone. 😦

These are just some disadvantages I see.  On my next post, to be neutral, I would also post the disadvantages of staying out. This way you could judge on your own which you prefer.


Thanks for reading,

Miss D


Fwea’s Friendly Environment

Studying in foreign country can be at times lonely and well, sometimes it can really be boring too! That is why it is necessary to stay in a school where you can find comfort during your stay aside from the quality education you are looking for. Living in a school with a friendly environment can be so much help in your studying. Environment plays a vital role in learning. By this, I mean not just how big the classroom is, how comfortable the chair is or how big the building is. What I truly mean by comfort is if you can go along with people living the place.


In the school I am currently directing, First Wellness English Academy so far the living conditions here are fairly nice. All Japanese students get along with each other well – whether they are newly arrived students or senior students that have been staying for months already. There seems to be no conflict at all. The respect each other’s privacy at the same time they go out all together for dinner and drinks. There is absolutely no overpowering of each other instead I can see students helping each other learn  English and cope with loneliness. That’s something impressive about FWEA!


Right now, we have on Mongolian student which is welcomed by all Japanese students. There is no discrimination of races, not a bit. Cool, huh? About a month ago, we also had Korean-Japanese students are he was treated fairly by all students. Teachers as well do not give impartial treatment to students. All students are friends with teachers. Whatever race you have, it doesn’t really matter in FWEA.


It is also amazing how everybody can be friends in First Wellness English Academy. Age is just a number as they as say. The school proves it. We have students who are 61, 65 and late 50’s who goes out with younger students. There is indeed equality no doubt.


Everybody can be a friend at FWEA. If you plan to study in Cebu, choose a school that can also be your HOME and you can lively with a smile.


Thanks for reading,

Miss D


Study Tip: Make a Schedule and Stick to It

One of the most important factors in learning English is time you put into it. How much time you put into learning English or any new language would greatly affect your skills. Although it is not safe to say that the time you spent would correlate your English level, but spending proper time with learning English allows you to have a sense of control and focus. One writer I had talked to reminded me that in learning English “effort comes first, results later”.  This is what students should bear in mind to avoid frustrations.

Make a Schedule and Stick to it

Aside from regular class schedule, it would really help a lot if you make a study time. So, on your first day of class, create a schedule right away. Make a schedule that is REALISTIC and ACHIEVABLE. One of the most common mistakes of students learning English for a short period of time is to make a schedule that is almost impossible to achieve. I saw one of my previous student’s schedule as follows:

6:00 – 7: 00 Morning Class

7:00 – 8:00 Review

8:00 – 5:00 Regular Class with breaks

6:00-9:00 Night Class

9:00- 11:00 – Homework

11:12:00 – Self Study

NOTE: DO not overkill yourself!

Yes, we can all conclude that he is a very diligent and hardworking student but what about learning? You see, there is big difference between studying long hours and actually learning. And as human beings, do not forget that when your body is weak, it affects your reception to new inputs. Good health means good learning as well.

So upon making an achievable schedule, the next step is to stick to it. Studying abroad also means making new friends and sometimes these new friends you meet can either help you or distract you. I have seen a very strong peer pressure between friends especially among Korean students studying English in the Philippines. One friend wants to go out while you want to stay inside the dormitory and study. There is a tension here but all I can suggest is to know your PRIORITY.


Thanks for reading,

Miss D