Director’s Job and Cinderella

Work Hard

Work Hard in Mactan FEA

Oh, yeah that was two weeks ago before Mactan FEA opened. I had no other choice but to help in cleaning. I also think its a good exercise so I could lose weight but ah, I got sick after this. My body was not used to this kind of work. I am often just sitting, thinking, planning, managing and all. I wanted to try again physical work but it was so hard! What happened was I got tired compared to others.

😦 My mom warned me not to do it because it has been a while to do physical work but I wanted to push my limit. As a result, hello body pains the next day! hahaha.. Nevertheless, it was a very good experience. YES! I must remember when I die that I HAD BEEN PART OF FEA MACTAN CLEANING TEAM. And if it weren’t for my mopping and dusting skills, the school would have been still dirty. (hahaha)

I just realized while doing this “tough” job — I often asked myself… How can janitor last all day doing this while they earn so little? How do their bodies feel? It must have been hard. My father was very poor and he did job like this and he told that it was not easy. And he also to me to BE KIND to laborers because their job is very hard. So that is why I try to be nice to people who works this kind of job… But sometimes, they are shy to talk to me. 😦 Anyway, people who do  this job should be respected. It is really NOT EASY! My hands were shaking after 2 hours of mopping! Can you imagine that? I can’t imagine people doing this 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. May God Bless them with good health….

Nevertheless, I glad I did that cleaning on that day. It reminded me many things. Next time, I should prepare my muscles more and more and drink vitamins. 🙂 And bring a lot of food! It’s amazing how cleaning made me hungry. hmmm…. hahaha

So FEA Mactan has a very special place in my heart because I cleaned the floors of the classrooms and dusted the walls. How can I ever forget that day? That was the day when I felt I was Cinderella… without a prince.  Cinderella wore glass slippers but I wore these…


YES! It’s CONVERSE ALL STAR CUT-OFF. Limited Edition. It was released this year because last year they had thongs! I will post a picture later. So this is the reason why my PRINCE is lost. I wore the wrong shoes!!! Crazy prince. Please send me a GPS. Please. 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Miss D


FEA – Mactan First Graduation and Barbecue Party



Firstwellness English Academy – Mactan Branch opened Feb. 4.  So one school week after that on Feb. 8 was their first graduation. There was also barbecue party. As the entire school director, I was invited of course. So I finished what I had to do last Friday so I can go there in the afternoon. It was a good decision, I did not regret going there. They prepare barbecue — hotdogs, chicken, pork, and rice and soft drinks.

FEA Mactan graduation is quite unique. They had it near the poolside which is “cool”. You can hear the water splashing! It was very relaxing. Right now, FEA Mactan only has 5 students. The population is few but in the coming months, there will be more because the are many available rooms.  Their accommodation rooms are bigger and nicer than that of Verbena and the scenery is also very relaxing — you can see the horizon. Moreover, the air is fresher to breathe. But maybe you will get darker because the sun-tanning is tempting. 🙂


FEA Mactan solely follows the Academic System I develop in Verbena. This way, if students want to transfer from either each campuses, it would be easier to continue the lesson. The same tests are given and so the same way of assessing the students’s level is also conducted. The teaching resources are almost identical from books to cd’s and others. Practically, it’s the same. Some of the teacher in Mactan are also from Verbena which lives nearer the place so they requested to be transferred. This is ensure from the management side that the transition would be smoother as possible. And true enough, for the Academic department, the system went well starting from day one.  There only just minor adjustments in terms of familiarization of the resources and adaptation of the system to the new setting, but other than that — it is ready to sail away! The entire FEA Mactan Team is ready to serve you. The Japanase Manager there is Yuto and the Academic Coordinator is Karissa.

I have to visit Mactan branch regularly, at least once a week to check out the operation of the Academic System and other stuff. The last time I visited there was Friday. I asked our previous student from Verbena-Cebu Branch how he is and he was smiling saying “No Problem”. It is also very fun to go there and meet new students!

I hope to see all of you in either one of our branches. You can choose which branch you would like to study — or if you want to enjoy both, you can stay at both places! See you all!

Thanks for reading,

Miss D

FEA Mactan Branch Opens on February

FEA MACTAN to Open Soon!

On February the school-resort type accommodation of Firstwellness English Academy will open!



  • Resort Type – For students who wants to relax
  • Peaceful and Quiet – For students who wants to have serene atmosphere and concentration. Less distraction. This is ideal for student who wishes to focus on taking exams such as TOEIC.
  • No Pollution – The air in Mactan is more fresh due to less cars. If you want to breathe fresher like from the countryside, this place is for you.
  • Beautiful View of Nature  – On the side you can see a beach while hearing the splashes of the waves.  Also, you can watch the stars at night while you stay nearby the swimming p

(Hi! This me, Teacher Karissa – She will handle Mactan Branch, and Teacher Wendell – Verbena Branch assistant. Nice to meet you all!)







Stay in School or Stay Out and Study

There has been many  questions to foreigners who wishes to study in Cebu to either stay in a school or rent a house and hire a private tutor. For me, both has its own advantages and disadvantages. Also, timing must also be considered as well. If you are fresh student in Cebu, I do suggest to enroll in real English academy. Why? It is simply because the school can help you a lot.

Studying in a school helps you in many ways. First, your processes of papers such as SSP (Student Study Permit). Second, schools have organized structure for learning. They have Placement Test which assess your English Proficiency. This is important because you need to know which point of learning you are going to start working on. If you do this on your own without proper test, you might not fully sort out what you need to study and what you do not need to study. It could be a waste of time on your part. Third, safety and convenience. If you study in a school, you are safe because the administrator has surely look into that already. Unlike renting your own, you need to personally check how safe the place is. School and dormitories have security guards and other peace and order personnel. If,you also get sick, the school also has their own contact of doctors. Unlike when you stay alone, you need to go to hospital and ask for recommendation. In addition to all of this, studying in an English school can give you instant peer support. You automatically will have classmates, room mates and teachers. Your interaction with them is essential to keep you going. Social relationships does encourage you to study more. You can join group classes, school tours and other activities. All of these are absent if you decide to rent a house and student alone. 😦

These are just some disadvantages I see.  On my next post, to be neutral, I would also post the disadvantages of staying out. This way you could judge on your own which you prefer.


Thanks for reading,

Miss D

Study Tip: Have a Pocket Size Vocabulary Notebook

When you learn a new language, in one class alone, you will learn a lot of new words. Sometimes, it is common for students to feel overloaded.


Memorizing 5o words a day I say is pretty useless. In my teaching carrier, I have seen students mostly Korean) that has very long lists of words they try to re-write and re-write in the hope that they would naturally memorize the long lists. As a teacher, I say. It is only a waste of time. Because spend all night trying to memorize the whole fifty words all night, the next day, they end up being absent in my class. 😦 Some students who are very good in memorixing can actually memorize the word and their meaning but they fail when they can’t use the word on their own. My language teacher once said “Even if you know a certain word, but still you do not know how to use, it is the same as not knowing it. It’s actually useless.” So I agree with him. Knowing a word does not stop in understanding but also in using it.


During your stay in Cebu, you will tantamount of words here and there but do expect yourself to understand and memorize everything right away. It will only frustrate you. Even I am not that good in remembering right away. So insteadm have a vocabulary notebook. I suggest a pocket sized is ideal so you can bring it anywhere with you.  So when you learn a new word or expression while buying something at the mall, take a note of it right away. Bring this everywhere you go — malls, restaurants and etc. Promise yourself to write a few words a day. There should be a limit. Do not write all the new words that you know. You won’t have time for all of it. So let’s say, you write 3 to 5 words a day. Write these words and get their meanings. (Do not go more than 5. It might be too much and you will be tired. ) Review these words at night and try to use it the way it is used from where you learned it, but create your own sentence.


Five words a day may seem to little, a bit to less and you might worry your level is dragging. But do not panic. The key thing here is consistency not speed. Just be consistent in writing 3 to 5 words a day and after few weeks you will learn more and more, after a few years you will know more than hundred words without so much effort. So be consistent in making this simple homework.

I have seen students with long impractical list to memorize but after few days, they soon give up everything. Too much of something is bad enough. Just imagine yourself like a baby learning to walk — they start by crawling till they can run.


Thanks for reading,

Miss D




FWEA – Academic Proficiency Graph

Now, FWEA academic system created a new visual method of the student’s English Proficiency Level which presents the perfect score of each part of the test — namely Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking — correlating it with your own score. On the left side of the graph shows the average level of your test. Below is the level description which states the the sample level of the student is Pre-Intermediate. In addition, the name of the evaluator, Miss D (me) ^^ is placed because at times, when I am not around the next in rank can do the evaluation instead of me.

The graph is given together with the final schedule of the student the next day. The student is instructed to show this to all teachers so teachers will also have an idea of their real English level before they start the lesson proper. Another copy remains at my office, (Academic Office) just in case teachers would want to refer in the future. If the student does not understad the proficiency graph and what it represents teachers can assist them in understanding the facts presented.

I hope the through this factual graph, students would be enticed to level up since visually they now have a picture of where they are in English.

Thanks for reading,

Miss D




Fwea’s Friendly Environment

Studying in foreign country can be at times lonely and well, sometimes it can really be boring too! That is why it is necessary to stay in a school where you can find comfort during your stay aside from the quality education you are looking for. Living in a school with a friendly environment can be so much help in your studying. Environment plays a vital role in learning. By this, I mean not just how big the classroom is, how comfortable the chair is or how big the building is. What I truly mean by comfort is if you can go along with people living the place.


In the school I am currently directing, First Wellness English Academy so far the living conditions here are fairly nice. All Japanese students get along with each other well – whether they are newly arrived students or senior students that have been staying for months already. There seems to be no conflict at all. The respect each other’s privacy at the same time they go out all together for dinner and drinks. There is absolutely no overpowering of each other instead I can see students helping each other learn  English and cope with loneliness. That’s something impressive about FWEA!


Right now, we have on Mongolian student which is welcomed by all Japanese students. There is no discrimination of races, not a bit. Cool, huh? About a month ago, we also had Korean-Japanese students are he was treated fairly by all students. Teachers as well do not give impartial treatment to students. All students are friends with teachers. Whatever race you have, it doesn’t really matter in FWEA.


It is also amazing how everybody can be friends in First Wellness English Academy. Age is just a number as they as say. The school proves it. We have students who are 61, 65 and late 50’s who goes out with younger students. There is indeed equality no doubt.


Everybody can be a friend at FWEA. If you plan to study in Cebu, choose a school that can also be your HOME and you can lively with a smile.


Thanks for reading,

Miss D