This page is dedicated to foods — both good and the not so good food to eat. Any food is an experience, so everything is worth blogging. But do not worry, if it’s really not delicious, I would say so. ^^

In Cebu, we love eating and there are many yummy restaurants around the city – from fine dining, middle class restaurant, to fast food to street food.  Here are some facts about Cebu/Philippines food habit

*Filipinos love meat.

*Food is influenced by Spanish, American, Chinese, Japanese and Italian.

*Filipinos love pastas.

*Most food are oily, sweet and salty.

*Filipinos also love vegetables cooked in traditional dish.

*Filipinos love fast-food — JOLLIBEE the most popular.

*Dining and drinking often goes together.

*It is common to have conversation during meal time. Most are funny and happy ones.

*Among friends, the bill is always split (divided) among the group or pay what you ordered. Other times, t. Most people in the city already adopted the pay-your-own meal scheme but there are still some who follows the common culture of if you invited it means you are going to pay so it’s better to mention prior to dining.

Have fun and drool over the delicious food in Cebu!

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