Skype Call Test

What is a Skype Call Test?

A Skype call test is simply a test call to check:

  • Audio – if you can hear the other person on other line or if you can hear your own voice.
  • Video – if your video is working properly so the other person can also see you
  • Settings – if your other settings such as volume and net connection allows you to have good call

How to do it?

  • All you have to do is click the Skype Test Call Service and follow what the voice prompt says.  What they ask you to do is to say something while they record your own voice. If you can hear you own voice, then it means its functioning well and you are ready to start.
Sample Skype Test Screen

Sample Skype Test Screen

(Note: There are not hearts in the real Skype window. I just stick the heart to cover my friends ID.)

Before you start your online class, it is better for you and your teacher to have a Skype Call test first every time you start your class. Sometimes technical problems can happen at a split second. That’s normal. If this case happens, what you can do it just to agree on having a make up class.

Now you are ready to start!



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What to Prepare for an Online Class as a Student

It is wonderful to know that technology is indeed making things easier for language learners. If you are a student learning a foreign language, you do have to go far to learn the language. The new generation of students are lucky to avail of online classes. By just having a laptop and an reliable internet connection, one can start language learning.

In the Philippines, online classes are very common. Most of the online classes caters Asian students such as Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Because the timezone does not differ much, creating an agreed schedule between students and teachers are not difficult. I do have my own personal private online classes as well that is not connected to the school I am currently working. I do this after work and my students are my previous students or a referral from friends.

If you want to study online, as a student this is what you should do:

1. Have a reliable internect connection in your home. And also ask for the teacher’s connection if it is reliable or not.

2.Agree a certain time to meet it Skype with your teacher. Make sure that the schedule you choose is something you can keep for a long time.

3. Have a good quality headset and microphone equipment so voice and video quality is very important.

4. Know Skype functions. This is very important since some of the students I  know do not how to use Skype. So if there are technical errors with Skype, students can not help themselves. Teachers has to instruct and it kills the time. Before starting online class, give at least one hour to be familiar with Skype functions. Even the basic would do.

5. Make sure your enviroment is quiet during the time you are going to study. If you have brothers or sisters, make sure they will not disturb you on your study time.

6. Ask the teacher that you too should have an agreed rule on lates, absences and others. This will avoid further trouble in the future.

These are just some of the basic advice I can give to students who wants to study online. I would gladly write for more and please feel free to ask any questions. Also, if you want to study with me, you can email me directly at

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