Director’s Job and Cinderella

Work Hard

Work Hard in Mactan FEA

Oh, yeah that was two weeks ago before Mactan FEA opened. I had no other choice but to help in cleaning. I also think its a good exercise so I could lose weight but ah, I got sick after this. My body was not used to this kind of work. I am often just sitting, thinking, planning, managing and all. I wanted to try again physical work but it was so hard! What happened was I got tired compared to others.

😦 My mom warned me not to do it because it has been a while to do physical work but I wanted to push my limit. As a result, hello body pains the next day! hahaha.. Nevertheless, it was a very good experience. YES! I must remember when I die that I HAD BEEN PART OF FEA MACTAN CLEANING TEAM. And if it weren’t for my mopping and dusting skills, the school would have been still dirty. (hahaha)

I just realized while doing this “tough” job — I often asked myself… How can janitor last all day doing this while they earn so little? How do their bodies feel? It must have been hard. My father was very poor and he did job like this and he told that it was not easy. And he also to me to BE KIND to laborers because their job is very hard. So that is why I try to be nice to people who works this kind of job… But sometimes, they are shy to talk to me. 😦 Anyway, people who do  this job should be respected. It is really NOT EASY! My hands were shaking after 2 hours of mopping! Can you imagine that? I can’t imagine people doing this 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. May God Bless them with good health….

Nevertheless, I glad I did that cleaning on that day. It reminded me many things. Next time, I should prepare my muscles more and more and drink vitamins. 🙂 And bring a lot of food! It’s amazing how cleaning made me hungry. hmmm…. hahaha

So FEA Mactan has a very special place in my heart because I cleaned the floors of the classrooms and dusted the walls. How can I ever forget that day? That was the day when I felt I was Cinderella… without a prince.  Cinderella wore glass slippers but I wore these…


YES! It’s CONVERSE ALL STAR CUT-OFF. Limited Edition. It was released this year because last year they had thongs! I will post a picture later. So this is the reason why my PRINCE is lost. I wore the wrong shoes!!! Crazy prince. Please send me a GPS. Please. 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Miss D

The Best Lip Balm Ever

This is just a very simple post about something that is not really related to learning English, but I can’t help posting this because this made me very very happy! My friend Jun Saito gave me this lip balm last December. I did not use it, not until last week because I was very afraid that I would have allergy (because I do not trust Jun Saito’s choice! Hahaha!) Last week,  I decided to give this a try. Jun gave me many but I gave others to my friends and Verbena Hotel staff. The moment I used it I felt like I won in a lottery! This will be my favorite lip balm maybe forever unless Jun would recommend another brand! It is very moisturizing and it gives my lips that soft feeling. So I have to say good bye to my old favorite Chapstick and say hello forever to Deep Moist!


For a kissable smooth lips!
(Deep Moist should pay me for posting this! ^^ )


Got this from the net.


GOOD BYE CHAPSTICK! You were my partner for 5 years but I we have to break up now…

My Advice:

Bring your favorite lip balm if you come to Cebu. The weather is hot and sometimes dry so you will surely need this.

Thanks for reading,

Miss D

The Beans!

Japanese staff Yuto gave this present from Japan. He strictly ordered that it should only be eaten on Feb. 3! I do not know the reason why.. but maybe these beans would turn into gold by Feb. 3.


I am excited for Feb. 3! This is my first time to receive this kind of present — with an expiry date on when to open. Sounds very exciting, it’s like waiting for Santa Claus at Christmas Eve! This must be delicious!