Good morning from Cebu. Today the weather is not so sunny. But it’s not rainy either. We often this have weather once in a while and I like it this way.  😛

Anyway, today I will be explaining about the pre-paid loading system in the Philippines. I often experience our students having problems understanding and adapting our loading pre-paid system. They sometimes ask me for assistance and I do explain them but because of language barrier, the explanation can also be confusing. I hope this post would help those who wants to understand.

First, for prepaid users we can load in two ways:


Electronic loading is done through, of course, electronic automatic transmission. How do you do this? Simply, you go to a store that sells E-LOAD. You can buy this in retail prices such as 30 pesos, 60 pesos and etc.or small portions, not  (Because our culture likes buying things in sachet not in bulk). All you have to do is pay and the seller would ask for your number, input it and send the load to your number. Done!

Confirmation Message from SMART

Confirmation Message from SMART

(Picture Above: I bought a 60 peso E-load and that is the confirmation message certifying that I already receive the load.)

After which, you also receive a notification via text message confirming your e-load purchase. Then it’s ready to use. E-Load credit is available is sari-sari stores (small stores) and in convenient stores like 7/11 and cellphone shops.  Also, some private individual are also selling this. Like my office mate before. E-load system is more popular here in Philippines because consumers can buy load in cheaper portions/amount unlike in cards.

Special Note: E-load has several promos like unlimited text for 10 pesos, unlimited call for 20 pesos and etc. There are several distinctions for e-load credits. My advice: when you buy e-load you have SPECIFY clearly what type of load you want. If you are not sure you can just say REGULAR LOAD. That means you have to pay 1 php each for each text. Unlimited load promos is only good especially if you often call or text like chatting. Yes, most of Filipinos enjoy texting each other like chatting. We even have a “textmate” friend. (hahaha…)


Card Loading is loading through the use of card. This is more familiar to foreigners than the E-load system. E-load cards are available in cellphone shops, malls and many stores as well. The card loading has limited amount to buy from and it is not retailed in cheaper form. The cheapest card cost 100 pesos while the cheapest e-load cost 10 pesos. However, if you have 100 pesos it is more convenient to buy in bulk.

All you have to do is follow the instructions stated in the card. It’s easy as 1-2-3.

As much as I want to take pictures of a card, to my own dismay, I already throw it all. 😦 Perhaps, next time I should take a photo first before I trash it.

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What Cellular Phone to Use for Temporary Stay

As a student who wants to study English in the Philippines, having your own local mobile phone is necessary for communication for your new friends and to keep in touch with your family abroad. Cebu is also a modern city who loves technology and gadgets. But if you plan to stay here temporarily, it is ideal to buy a cheap phone just to call and to send SMS.

In the Philippines, there are still many practical mobile phones for sale which function is just to simply call and send text message. These practical mobile phones are rather cheap and easy to use.  These cheap phones are not only for temporary users but permanent residents also use this. It is common to see locals having two mobile phones – one main phone, usually a high-end one and one cheap mobile phone mostly for SUN CELLULAR. (As I mentioned in my other post, SUN CELLULAR has the cheapest rate – free text and free call to SUN to SUN numbers that is why it is relatively cheaper to have SUN mobile phone).  You can save a lot if use SUN CELLLULAR since most people use SUN CELLULAR, every time you send text or call them, it’s free.

One popular practical phone is Nokia (picture above).  I personally use this for my SUN number. The battery lasts really long and the casing is very sturdy. I personally use this. I dropped this phone many times and it still works just the same. This is not a colored-screened phone, no Wi-Fi, nothing else grand but this will serve the purpose if straightforward communication. The price is only 900 pesos around 22 USD only. Also, just in case you lose this mobile phone, it does not hurt you wallet much!

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What Cellular Line to Choose in the Philippines?

If you plan to study for one more in the Philippines, a cellular phone is a must. This is to connect with your family abroad and as well to connect with the new friends here in Cebu. Most Cebuanos (people in Cebu) love going out most of the time so buzzing friends to have fun is quite very common.

What cellular phone lines should you get?

In the Philippines there are 3 major cellular phone lines, namely – SMART, SUN AND GLOBE.

SMART   Link:

–          Good coverage and signal in the city and in the province

–          Reasonable price

–          Offers unlimited packages

–          Many phones to choose from

SUN  Link:

–          The cheapest

–          Many unlimited Offers (Call and Text)

–          Far away areas has poor signal

–          City signal is fine

–          Offers cheaper phones


–          More expensive that others

–          Good signal

–          High-class Image

–          Better choices of Phones

Please note that these are my personal opinions of the cellular companies. I personally use TALK N TEXT which is under SMART COMPANY and I also use SUN because it is really cheap.  For instance, I pay 200 pesos only for month package inclusive of 500 text to other networks and 4 hours free call Sun to Sun and unlimited text to Sun to Sun.  For the TALK N TEXT, I pay around 10 pesos daily for unlimited text to all networks.  It is very cheap!

But since SUN is the cheapest, most people here have SUN numbers as well. So if you would like to connect with friends, I suggest you get SUN. This way they can text or call you cheaply. Otherwise, if they do have enough credit, they won’t be able to call or text you.

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Miss D