Japanese Food: Yucky but Yummy Food!

Our FEA staff Yuto also brought this present from Japan. At first, I did not like how it looks, it looks like human waste (腸,小腸). 🙂 But when I tasted it, I never thought human waste could be so sweet and delicious! Crazy!  hahaha

In Philippines we also have the same kind of food which has almost the exact taste but we use white sugar, not brown sugar. The taste is very familiar to me so I really loved it!


Looks yucky but tastes yummy… 🙂

In Cebu City these days, there’s a growing number of Japanese restaurants. Perhaps this is because they are many more Japanese studying English here. There’s a fine-dining Japanese restaurant that serves real authentic food, like the ones you eat in Japan. It is priced a bit more expensive than the ordinary Japanese restaurant. The ordinary Japanese restaurant are like semi-fast food style — such as Tokyo Joes. Red Kimono is also a popular restaurant in malls.  Another popular Japanese restaurant is Rai Rai Ken. Their noodles are yummy!

One time, I had dinner at Kagura Restaurant. It was so yummy especially their Okonimiyake. It was mouthewatering! But at first, I found it strange. It looked strange. The toppings looked  liked the shavings of a sharepened pencil. 🙂 And I also order Buchi and it looked like a rubber eraser to my eye! hahaha…  Perhaps Japanese likes studying too much?  🙂

It was EUREKA MOMENT when I ate Okonomiyake! THE BEST!!!  There were two Buchis, the one with the seaweed wrapper did not appeal to me much but the sweeter buchi was something very unique.

If you come to Cebu try these restaurants. You wouldn’t be homesick.

Thanks for reading,

Miss D