FEA Students’ and Teachers’ Dinner Party

Once in while student together with teachers go out to have fun! After studying and working hard, what we all need is a time to relax and let it loose!

In the  picture below, it this was a dinner celebrating a goodbye. In Firstwellness English Academy, we often have farewell parties usually in the form or dinner. And yes it is usually buffet so everybody can pig out and become bloated. After all, that is what buffet is for.


On this night, we went to PINO RESTAURANT. Pino restaurant is a Filipino Restaurant which serves authentic Filipino food. Recently, it ranked no. 8 the Best Restaurant in Cebu . They have wide choices of beef, pork, fish, vegetables,  and oysters. Their desserts are  also delicious but maybe for Japanese it might be something they have not tasted! They serve “maja” which is a sweet jelly-like cake made from coconut’s milk and flour, “kunchinta” which is also made from coconut’s milk, flour and sugar; and they also serve fresh fruits and cakes.  So… yummy! (I kept going back to the dessert area. hahaha)

The restaurants facilities are also very clean. The service is fast and the waiters are very accommodating here. (By the way, the GM is my brother so that’s why. hahaha) But its honestly clean and the staff is prompt to give you what you asked. They are also very polite from the moment we entered ’till we left. They were always smiling. (I guess my brother trained them to do that all the time. hahahah Smile all the time!)


After eating and eating and eating, we continued to eat. Hahaha! Until our stomach asked our mouth “Are you crazy?”. But our mouths remained chewing. So after all the eating, talking, and picture taking, we went to a Karaoke. We stayed up late that night. We partied and sang like there is no tomorrow. Teachers and students were drinking and laughing and singing. It was a lot of fun! FEA people went crazy over dancing with outrageous steps from modern to very old traditional Japanese steps – like planting rice or something like that.

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(I only have few picture because I took most of the pictures here. Next time, I wont take pictures anymore. 🙂

The good thing about with FEA students and teachers is that no matter how hard we party, respect and decency is always intact. This is something other schools do not possess. 🙂

Perhaps next week there will be another dinner-party again with students and teachers. So it is really difficult to be on diet. But I guess that best way is to dance non-stop for 3 hours after eating.  Why not?

Thanks for reading,

Miss D

A Regular Day in a Teacher’s Life

Below are the pictures I took today in school. One of the most common thing teachers do is to photcopy activities sheets and other printables for the students to use.  Today on the picture, let me introduce Teacher Rhona, Teacher Nila and Teacher Jazz.

Teacher Rhona Preparing for Her Class

This is taken during lunch break from 12:00 to 1:00 pm today.  The teachers common routine is — lunch, chat with friends for a while, then prepare for the lessons. This is their typical daily routine almost everyday. Some teachers photocopy in advance when they have longer time but for now since the school has few clients, they have more freedom to photocopy. But on busy seasons, the area will be so crowded! Teachers line to have their printables produced. That is a busy day!

Teacher Nila Making a Face! While checking out books!!!

Teacher Jazz Smiling while Preparing for Class

The life of a teacher may seem easy but  it is not. Teaching takes a lot of preparation and dedication. If you do not have the heart for it, it is better not to teach. But if you possess the heart, teaching becomes easy and when students learn, you feel a sense of fulfillment and happiness within! Teaching is indeed a noble profession!!! God Bless you All Hardworking teachers in the world….. ❤

First Wellness English Academy (Teachers Rhona and Teacher Allen)

FWEA Teachers Rhona and Teacher Allen

Pancit Time! Eat Eat Eat

A simple, short blog today…

During break time these two teachers had their brunch at the cafeteria eating a delicious “pancit”.  Pancit is a Filipino noodle dish with vegetables like carrots, beans, garlic and others. It is sweetened with a sweet soy sauce. So Yummy!

Teacher Rhona likes teaching basic and intermediate grammar to students. Student’s likes her for her grammar skills. And amazingly, she has a very huge, loud voice… It is always easy to identify if she is around or not. ^^ Teacher Allen on the other hand, is a friendly teacher. She has a friendly personality to everyone and she likes all her things to be arranged and clean all the time. Most of her classes are speaking classes. Students enjoy her classes as well.

So today, these two lovely teachers enjoyed sharing “pancit” they ordered from the cafeteria. They both shared rice  Teacher Rhona brought from home.  And yes! I ate too! ^^

At FWEA usually during break time Teachers talk to each other — share jokes, stories, and others — sometimes students and teachers group each other during break time. And on regular days, students eat lunch with teacher outside the school. It is indeed fun and a great way to bond — not just inside the classroom but outside as well!