Book Shelves at First Wellness English Academy

Today,  the bookshelves are arranged and orderly.

But during school time, these book shelves are disarranged. Why? It is because teachers have to prepare their lessons and they get the books here almost every hour. During peak season in school, these books  looks like they are in a war! Teachers rushing — getting books, scanning books, returning books and checking other materials!

Well, as their director, I think it is a good sign. That only means one thing, teachers prepare for their lessons in class! And that is the most important thing in teaching — more than knowledge and skill — preparation is the key thing!

In school, the books are divided into 3 GLOBAL COMPETENCIES : Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  Each classification of competency has 3 English Proficiency Levels.  I will discuss more on this later…  ^^
After students take First Wellness English Language Academy Placement Test, they are given books which corresponds to their levels. So this is the time, when teachers fight over this area and check out the books!

Book Shelves - Classification

Book Shelves – Classification

At 7:45 am on Monday, I am pretty sure this will turn into a jungle! ^^ I guess I have to ask teachers to arrange them again.


Thanks for reading,

Miss D