Study Tip: Write English in Facebook

One way to improve your English skill is to simply write English in Facebook  instead of  writing comments and posts in your mother language. Why? The explanation here is easy, it is still practice. But first we have to take into consideration that first, in Facebook, no one will correct your mistakes when you write English. This is a big disadvantage but on the other hand, but this is one freedom social media has given. Isn’t it smart to utilize this for you to learn English?

Comment in English

Post in English

Message in English

Chat in English

Learning a new language is lifestyle after all!

After you change your text in English, there are still other hidden ways you can learn:

Read photos with text in English. You can learn a lot from these small things.

Take time to skim short stories posted.

Take time to read posts in English.

Read comments in English.

Like Learning-English Fan Pages which can provide you practical learnin updates.

These are just simple ways to learn not inside the classroom.  You can learn on your own and if you have any questions about grammar from your readings, you can just ask your teacher. This way, you are not totally dependent on classroom input only but you are helping yourself learn English the way we live.

Thanks for reading,

Miss D