English Learning Site: BBC Learning English

As we all know, the English people are more conservative with the way they speak the language since it is originally from them. Based on my understanding, they are more strict on rules of the language and adherence to this is so much valued compared to elsewhere. British Broadcasting Company or BBC creatd a fascinating website to help learners of the English language learn by themselves.

Here is the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/

One thing I like about this website is the organization itself. They offer Business English, General English, Vocabulary and Pronunciation and others such as tests and learning series. You can just click on the category you wish to study. Piece of cake! The learnig categories usually starts with the listening with a script — the vocabulary highlighted and then explained. From here, you can learn on your own. You can review the audio file over and over again as long as you like.

For students, BBC is one website that is dedicated to aid students on their own. Isn’t great? I will write more on BBC Learning English Site in more detailed post – by section later on and I will give tips on how to go about it to maximize it’s potential.

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Miss D


English Learning Site: English Central

Learning English has never been easier than today. With the advancement of technology, with just one click, learning is possible.  One of the most common problem students are facing after studying English in Cebu is the moment they go back to their home land, they would lose all their chances to speak and practice what they had learned. So the learning would eventually become sedentary and inactive. As a result, frustrations starts to sink in again.

One remedy for this problem is to study online, with or without teacher. Classes in Skype are what is being used to connect the teacher and the student. In Cebu, there are several online schools that offers various type of classes depending on the length. One of the school that offers quality online classes is First Wellness English Academy (FWEA)  among others. For FWEA school, it serves as a continuiung program for those students who has already left the school here in Cebu and still wants to continue the lesson with their teachers.  So, learning is not ceased.

Another possible alternative to prevent sedentary learning is to study on your own. There are many sites available that is designed for self-study. This websites are created in such a way teachers are not needed in the learning process but rather students are taught to learn on their own with the help of the materials prepared online. Although technology would no way substitute a real human teacher, but taking into consideration time, money and effort, self-study is the only feasible choice.

One site the I recommend to enhance vocabulary and listening skills is www.englishcentral.com. This site is carefully structured to suit the needs of the students in all different levels. Videos come with subtitles for easier shadowing and reference. It can be repeated as many times as possible which I believe is the very very helpful. In addition to that, the topics of the videos are so varied from  entertainment to technology to business to politics. There is one for you! The videos are not boring and most of them are very informative when it comes to technical knowledge. I believe this site would really be helpful to those who wants to maintain their own English proficiency.  The site offers free trial classes but they do charge if you want longer subscription.

Tip of advice, use technology to improve your English.  There is always a way.

Thanks for reading.

Miss D