Food Adventure at 10 Dove Street

Last Friday, my neighbor and I decided to try our luck at the hip restaurant — 10 DOVE STREET. The last time we went there, they had their last call for orders and so we were not able to satisfy our craving.  😦

Upon arriving, all seats were occupied and we are asked to wait outside. The place was small. It’s like a neighborhood restaurant.  Technically, the restaurant is located in a residential village named STO. NINO VILLAGE, 10 Dove Street is the exact address of the owner’s house. The space for the restaurant is connected to the owner’s house. It is rather a tiny space which can occupy about 25 people since only it has about 5 tables. Quite small but this place is popular and it is visited by most people most of them are frequent costumers.

The reason for this is their reasonable price. The complete course is only for 200 pesos set. It includes 1 soup/1 sandwich/1 salad/1 cake  – everything of your choice. You also wouldn’t go bankrupt of the drinks which is priced at 30 pesos to 50 pesos only. Probably their price are so cheap because they do not pay any rent.

I took many pictures. I felt like I have to because it was not easy waiting outside.. some mosquitoes were already having dinner on my skin! 😛 I would be very very sad if I would not be able to eat on that night because it was our second attempt! It would be so frustrating to spend time going to the same restaurant and going home hungry… 😦  When we saw the couples eating inside stood up, we immediately rushed to the door. We could not afford to lose that seat to anyone else. Upon entering, the couple smiled at me and the gentleman said jokingly “I had to finish quickly and eat fast so you can have your dinner… “.  That was so nice of them!!! I said “Thank you” with very very very big smile. In my mind I said “Good man. Kind man.”

We ordered with much excitement. The story ends with our tummies exploding with fullness! Burp! Here are the pictures below:

Menu of 10 Dove Street

Menu of 10 Dove Street

Menu of 10 Dove Street

Interior of 10 Dove Street
So Elegant yet Not Expensive!


The best thing about this is inside the lychee — there’s a sweet chunk of pineapple! I recommend this!


This isn’t so sweet at all..

The filling and the Ube icing are real Ube paste