Things to Bring in Cebu

What to Bring in Cebu?

Cebu is a tropical island in the South. It is located at the center of the Visayas Region. It is commonly called the Queen City of the South. As for me, this has been my lovely home. I was born and raised in Cebu City so I saw how Cebu grew over the years. I still remember when there were only about 3 pizza stores in Cebu around 25 years ago. There were no international fast-foods and the tallest building is only until 10th floor and there is only one building with that height. That was back then. If I compare Cebu City now, I say it’s like Cinderella when she was still a maid turned into a princess. 🙂 That much!

So if you want to study here in my beautiful home city, I do suggest to bring the following items with you.

  1. Sunblock – Our sun shines brightly almost every day. Also, bring anything with SPF protection from lotion to lip balms.
  2. Umbrella – For sun and rain protection.
  3. Cotton shirts – This will keep your self cool.
  4. Short Pants – We often wear it due to hot weather although long denims are a classic favorite.
  5. Anti-mosquito repellant – Yes, we have mosquitoes due to our weather so I personally advice to bring enough amount of lotion.
  6. Over the counter medicine – We do have our own medicine here, most of which are internationally made but it is ideal to bring your own. Medicine for colds, fever, cough and allergy is a must.
  7. Slippers – It is normal to wear open foot wear due to the weather although formal occasion calls for closed shoes.
  8. Handy Sling Bag – This is useful for bringing cash anywhere you go. This is much safer than bringing your wallet. Coin purse is also advised.
  9. Shades/Eyewear- Be fashionable with our weather. Bring our favorite eyewear and enjoy the sun.
  10. Face towel/Handkerchief – You will probably sweat than your used to so it’s better to carry this to wipe off your sweat.

 So why don’t you start packing now?

Thanks for reading,

Miss D