Hi, I am Dianne but most people call me Miss D and I like it!

I have been teaching two weeks after I graduated from university in 2002. I graduated from University of San Carlos with the degree of AB English with Applied Linguistics. At first, I did not plan to major in English. I wanted to study Accountancy but since I got a low grade in Mathematics during the entrance exam, the admission officer did not permit me. On the other hand, my English score was Superior so the officer advised me to study AB English. I did not like it at first because I feel that English is not useful and everybody in the Philippines can speak English so there is no advantage. But while studying, I got more and more interested in the subject and I felt it was a very easy course to study. I did not know it but it was my passion leading the way. I finally finished the 4-year-course and surprisingly I was awarded as one of the TOP TEN ENGLISH MAJORS by the department.

Right after, I worked right away as an English Instructor to the first ESL school in Cebu which is CPILS. While working, I thought that in order for me to teach well, I have to understand students’ mind first. So I decided to enroll in MA in Clinical Psychology and earned 24 units before I decided to quit and focus more on teaching. Because I was so eager to become a good teacher, I enrolled in Certificate Professional Education (CPE). It made me very happy and my passion for teaching grow more!

In 2002, I was teaching ESL to Koreans and at the same time, I worked as a Student Adviser where I used my knowledge in counseling. I mainly listen to them and encourage, support them during their stay in the Philippines. In 2007, I moved to another ESL school where I started managing and leading teachers as an Academic Supervisor. Later, I was hired by SME Philippine Training Center with a bigger responsibility as an Academic Supervisor that handles 8 teams. Here, I learned more on balance between teacher and students’ needs. Now, I work as an Academic Director at First Wellness English Academy. I love being in the education industry! I love teaching and ESL text books – I find them so interesting to read more than novels.

I believe that education is endless as what may dad told me. So, no matter what age we are, we must not stop… I also believe in God that He created us to be successful in this gift called life.

This blog is dedicated for foreign students who wish to study English in Cebu City. I hope this would be helpful, informative and above all, fun to read!

Nice to Meet You Here! ")

Nice to Meet You Here! “)




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