Skype Call Test

What is a Skype Call Test?

A Skype call test is simply a test call to check:

  • Audio – if you can hear the other person on other line or if you can hear your own voice.
  • Video – if your video is working properly so the other person can also see you
  • Settings – if your other settings such as volume and net connection allows you to have good call

How to do it?

  • All you have to do is click the Skype Test Call Service and follow what the voice prompt says.  What they ask you to do is to say something while they record your own voice. If you can hear you own voice, then it means its functioning well and you are ready to start.
Sample Skype Test Screen

Sample Skype Test Screen

(Note: There are not hearts in the real Skype window. I just stick the heart to cover my friends ID.)

Before you start your online class, it is better for you and your teacher to have a Skype Call test first every time you start your class. Sometimes technical problems can happen at a split second. That’s normal. If this case happens, what you can do it just to agree on having a make up class.

Now you are ready to start!



Thanks for reading,

Miss D


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